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The Biz Photography helps you create the story you want your customers to read. It’s an all-important story because most often it will be a prospect’s first impression of your business. So, this narrative of images and words will be what convinces those potential customers that yours is the business to provide what they need. And we reckon the old adage remains true: a picture is worth a thousand words.

As professional photographers working on the Mornington Peninsula and south east suburbs of Melbourne, we understand that images are essential for effective story-telling.

Business operators, however, can overlook the power that imagery generates in their online and print marketing. Our professional photographs  add credibility, interest and clarity to the message your business uses to attract customers.

It’s not about anybody in the office grabbing a phone or camera and banging off a few snaps to brighten up a brochure or your website: professional photographers use all their skills with angles, lighting and subject matter to create the “feel” your business wants to project in the marketplace.

Our skills have been honed working to deadlines on newspapers and magazines over many years. The experience has taught us creative ways to pictorially introduce aspects of your operation – your team, your products, your services.

Great presentation will lift you head and shoulders above the crowded online scrum. It will get you noticed. Talk to our professional photographers today about elevating your all-important profile.

Photography for Marketing

The Biz Photography will create a library of images to use throughout your marketing. Your own library allows you to move images around your website and social media platforms.

Different images in varying combinations will help illustrate your suite of marketing strategies, like monthly blogs, social media campaigns, direct mailing campaigns, postcards and brochures.

Also, we can show you how using your own images creates a very powerful tool for your SEO strategy.


We guarantee delivery of image files within a week of the photo shoot. Images are delivered via drop box on your computer and we offer free archiving on our own site for 12 months. Images are delivered in seperate folders as High Resolution print-ready files and low resolution email/web-ready files.

The Biz Photography: helping you to tell your story.

Think about the importance you place on putting a face to a name … or a voice. Everybody feels the same.
Why do newspapers and magazines invariably publish a photo of people they write about? It’s human nature to want to see images of the people we are reading about or dealing with.
However, increasingly we are connected online to people we’ve never me face to face. Often we haven’t even heard them speak. Ask yourself about basic trust. Do you feel more comfortable dealing with people whose face you’ve seen or voice you’ve heard?
If we want to attract customers, we must allow them to get to know us. We must share with them more than just our name.
You don’t display your photo as part of your social media and online profiles because of how good looking you are; you want others to relate to you on a more human level. That is an essential part of developing and deepening your relationships.
The essence of social media is engagement, informative conversations and trust.
Our team of professional photographers at The Biz Photography are ready to provide professional photography for your new headshots.

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Professional photography on the Mornington Peninsula and South Eastern Suburbs Melbourne

Businesses requiring product photography want quality, convenience and competitive prices. Over 18 years The Biz Photography has refined its processes to deliver quality product images within set deadlines and within budget.
For client convenience we have a fully-equipped studio in Balnarring, on the Mornington Peninsula, offering multiple background options. Also, we have the capacity to create studio conditions at your workplace.
The Biz Photography specialises in professional photography for online and printed catalogues, and marketing image requirements.
Our professional photographers use a colour calibrated workflow to deliver product images that adhere to guidelines for image colour and quality. Basically, we have software and hardware that accurately reads the light, allowing us to create the desired image every time.
All images pass through our post production system, making it a certainty that each product is accurately portrayed.

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You’re planning a business event or function to get closer to your clients. Your expertise will be on show and some dignitaries and industry experts will be on hand. Impressive and expensive, but you think you can save by getting one of the staff to take some pictures. Probably a mistake on several levels. Will your clients look like startled ghosts because the lighting is wrong? Will these clients thank you for posting less-than-flattering photos? It’s unlikely these photos will add class and credibility to your website and social media platforms? Will the money you spend on staging an event to showcase your business be reflected in pictures taken by an amateur? This is where you need  professional photography and The Biz Photography has a team of Professional Photographers ready for your next event.

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event photography Melbourne
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The importance of creative ability when working with architects, designers and decorators is obvious; creative individuals want to collaborate with like-minded souls. But creativity alone will not cut it in the exacting work of interpreting design. Only a professional photographer has the technical skills to capture not only the aesthetic but the purpose and intention of a structure. The Biz Photography delivers accurate and arresting images created using a high degree of technical skill. These images will not happen by wandering around snapping with a smart phone. In architecture photography, the composition is very important. You find any number of leading lines all over structures. These lines lead to details or the most important areas of interest in the photograph. Our Team of Professional Photographers at The Biz Photography is ready to capture the hard work and creativity of your new build or renovation by providing you with high quality professional photography.

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architecture photography Melbourne
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