screen white v studio white

Studio white v Screen white

Here at The Biz Photography we often get asked to shoot product on a white background. I’ll then ask do you mean a screen white background? What do you mean is the typical reply.

I don’t want to get too technical, the white background that you see on a lot of backgrounds on the web is more often than not a screen white background. This cannot be achieved by simply taking a photo of a product on a white background. The product then has to be “etched” or “cut out” of the original file and placed onto a screen white background. The easiest way to explain this concept is to show you an image you a product that was originally photographed on a white background, and then cut out onto a screen white background.


Typically if the product is straight forward to etch out, then each item is charged out at an additional $15 per item on top of the initial photography price. If you are looking at having items etched out and placed on a screen white background we will have a look at your product and communicate clearly whether the item is seen as a straight forward post production process. If we think it will be a complicated time consuming process we will let you know before hand and negotiate a price. from experience over 90% of products fall into the simple straight forward category, The Biz Photography is of course happy for our clients to source their own etching service.

Daryl Gordon

The Biz Photography

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Screen white v studio white